Flicker- and Reflection-free Multi-light Illumination for previously installed devices and as part of new systems

10 Nov 2018
Digital microscope 

Event: Vision 2018

Dates:  06 - 08 November 2018

Location:  Stuttgart, Germany

Hall: 1, Booth #: 1H72


It is not possible to create a pearl's image in conventional light without causing specular light reflections. Like other objects with curved shapes and high luster, it reflects both direct and diffused light beams.


The multi-light image of this nicely coloured pearl is free from overexposure.

Flicker-free multi-light: key features and benefits

  • Several high-speed LED lighting sections are turned on/off one by one in synchro- nization with the capture of frames.
  • The sets of frames are integrated into a clear image without manipulating an object.
  • Images free from overexposure make possible:

    • robust defects detection (those seen from one direction only)

    • examination of details beneath glossy/shadow areas.

  • Flawless video stream is instant.

Challenging cases

Curved surfaces. Typical lighting arrangements result in specular reflections at all sample orientations. Multi-light reveals a fine surface structure and internal details.

Polished surfaces and transparent objects. Both direct and diffused modes create reflections and refractions which obscure internal features. Multi-light reveals internal details.