Company Mission

Our company creates computer aided tools which help people to be more effective, build their competencies and develop their abilities. Our mission is to be the leading voice in maintaining up-to-date knowledge databases and place them at the service of others. We are not just at the forefront of technologies and prepared to change them, we actively create new technologies.

The technology of the jewelry diamond processing is our current main area of expertise. Diamond is a comprehensive object, which is very relevant for the application of the expert systems on the basis of CAP*/ CAD/ CAM/ technologies. And it is a perfect area which fits our expertise and mentality.

While organizing our work we consider the experience of other people reflected in the following laws and principles:

  • Parkinson’s Law: "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion".
  • Peter’s Principle: "In every hierarchy, each employee tends to rise to the level of his incompetence".
  • Murphy's Laws:
    • "Nothing is as easy as it looks."
    • "Everything will take longer than you think."
    • "If anything can go wrong, it will."
  • The double translation of one of the Murphy’s laws from English into Russian and back from Russian into English: We think that in this edition the law has the additional charm.

Assessing our work we always remember that:

"Half effort doesn’t produce half results, it produces no results."

However, it seems that 90% of efforts produce 100% success.

*CAP - computer aided pattern