Effective Way to Present Your Diamonds.

Cutwise Platform provides clients with a leading edge global search, presentation and comparison engine, so skilled Pros who can judge diamond values can efficiently address their target audiences with precise offerings.

Promote High Vibrance Diamonds

Hi Vi — highly impressive diamonds with superior consumer benefits such us brilliancy, fire, table color, symmetry, spread, etc. They are much better than others with the same shape, size and pavilion color.

Historically, a Triple Excellent Round was the first Hi Vi cut. The Industry has been producing this for a century. Today Hi Vi diamonds is not only the Round cut.

Cutwise Platform Features
  • Automatic uploading of essential performance sets from DiBox 2.0, DiBox, ViBox, HP OxygenHP Carbon.
  • Calculation and presentation of Optical Performance Evaluation (the calculation is performed only on cutwise servers): Fire, Brilliance, Cut Performance, Optical Symmetry, Face-up Fluorescence, Spread. 
  • High quality Cutwise Viewer for view DiBox 2.0 photos and videos:
    • For the best user experience, Cutwise Viewer progressive loading depends on user connection conditions and diamond tilting trajectory
    • Optimal media format selection from screen resolution and connection conditions
    • Grayscale mode support
    • 3D view for Mobile Devices (cardboard), and for TV with 3D function and 3D glasses
    • Magnifier
    • Fullscreen
    • HQ mode (using larger resolutions for HiDPI displays like Apple Retina)
  • Unique algorithm for processing media data (retina quality, adaptive media for phones, tablets, laptop, widescreen monitors, HD, 4K TVs).
  • Data download and upload via excel spreadsheets or API.
  • Usage of Optical Performance Report as Web Widget (embedding into third-party websites).
  • Public Collections.
  • Plotting, darkfield video for inclusions demonstration.
  • Analytics.
Optical Performance Evaluation
  • Based on human perception, including stereo vision
  • Allow to compare different shapes
  • Consider diamond size (as in real life)


Cutwise Widget

Usage of Cutwise as Web Widget (embedding into third-party websites).

Embed Cutwise Technologies into your websites and websystems. Easy integration with other websites, many different templates (single video, performance widget, full diamond report, comparison and other) and special template to fill video section data in RapNet diamonds search.

There are two types of blocks with diamond information from Cutwise that can be embedded in website pages, web systems and platforms or online-presentations:

  1. Cutwise Widget shows all captured videos and photos along with Optical Performance Scores
  2. Cutwise Player shows one pre-selected video\image from ViBox or DiBox
More information about Cutwise Widget types: wiki page