Diamond Performance and Beauty Courses, 12-21 August 2024

30 Mar 2024

We are updating and restarting the Diamond performance and Beauty Courses, which were suspended because of COVID-19 pandemic. 

The course presents the new era of communication tools, which can be used at all stages of the diamond pipeline from manufacturing to retail and end consumers using the "Seeing is Believing" way of building confidence. 


Who this course is for

  • The course is critically important for sales directors and sales team supervisors in diamond retail, both on- and off-line formats, because it:
    • arms with an innovative algorithmic stressless point-of-sale communication method, which;
    • balances stimulation of the left- and right-sides of the brain, thus manages most enjoyable and effective purchasing process and;
    • magnifies prospect of repeating purchases and positive social references.
  • The course is extremely useful for marketing directors and product development champions in diamond businesses because it:
    • triggers development of new competitive advantages in diamond polishing, trade, retail, appraising and design;
    • helps to synergize basic product promotion and point-of-sale communication;
    • allows to win leadership with hi-tech product innovation.

The Basic Course Lasts 

4 days, 6-8 hours per day. It includes lectures and practical's with stereo monitors, mono monitors and over 150 CVD diamonds ranging from 0.5 to 3 carats. These diamonds feature various shapes, patterns, proportions and optical performances for comprehensive learning. 

The pre-COVID course program can be found here, while the updated program will include the most recent R&D achievements and technologies.

The Advanced Course Lasts 

5 days, it includes development and production of a new cut design and its polishing. As a result, you will take home a polished 2+ carat CVD made to your design and with your participation in the polishing process. Cutwise Cut report is included.


See more information and register online: https://octonus.regfox.com/2024-diamond-performance-and-beauty-courses