Introducing New Platform - HP Carbon

11 Aug 2020

The new product, HP Carbon is now available for purchase and download. HP Carbon is a successor of HP Oxygen with plenty of new features. It is also a new production-line platform where all the further feature development will take place in 2020 and upcoming years. HP Oxygen to HP Carbon switch is the major change made after 2005 when the Oxygen platform has been launched.

Here are some of the most important features of the Carbon platform:

Integration of Xray scanner in the production pipeline, to take advantage of the very precise external model of the diamond
Integration of Cutwise with planning software to help select the best solution based on optical performance, the grades that matter the most to trade buyers & end customers
Fancy Cut Evolution using Cutwise, Smart AnyCut and Cut preforms
Possibility of creating an al-a-carte diamond business model using Cutwise Photoreal
AnyCut Composite appraiser in HPC-AnyCut to control the solutions in limits defined by the trade buyer
• Diamond traceability
Optimized H&A allocation and execution

The software protection of HP Carbon reduces the value of any hacked software to ZERO.