Important Information on Empowered Software Protection

17 Jan 2020

Piracy is a common challenge in all IT-intensive businesses, including diamond industry nowadays. Powerful computer-based solutions bring great competitive advantages to their users, so there is no surprise that stealing software might seem like a quick way to success.

Octonus and Lexus are committed to guard the interests of their loyal clients: the commercial value of their investments as well as their tactical and, especially, strategic competitiveness; so today we are bringing the software protection technologies to a completely new level:

  1. So far we used the protection approach developed somewhat 10 years ago. During this time our continuously strengthening leadership in the market made piracy attractive.

    We understand this trend now and start to apply our top-level expertise to the software protection also. So, the new releases of our products are going to be protected by a special technology. Cost of cracking this new technology is so high that it hardly makes any commercial sense to crack.

    The first release of the newly protected products takes place in March 2020 and we are going to fortify the protection within the course of the year 2020. From now on, every new product release is supplemented by reinforced defence.

  2. Bounties are granted to those who inform Octonus and provide a copy in case Octonus' software is cracked, should this very unlikely event happen in the future.

  3. Next Oxygen and Pacor releases will feature unique benefits that are absent in the current versions, please see the list below.

  4. All new products will have a new format of the files incompatible with the previous versions. The loyal clients will get a free upgrade, while pirated versions will not fit the technology system. For example, the stolen Oxygen SR Anycut will work NEITHER with DM X-ray NOR with forthcoming Galahad upgrades. This means that the users of pirated copies will not be able to download precise models with cavities as well as input cut flow-charts into the new versions of Galahad.

  5. The Cut Evolution project is going to be cloud based with an authorized Oxygen version access only. The companies not using Cut Evolution will be left behind in the fancy market because of lower yield and poorer diamond optical performance.

  6. Octonus and Lexus stop delivery of any products, services and technical support to companies guilty in usage of pirated versions or those who supply pirated versions to other companies.  


Forthcoming releases of the products with unique features:

    1. Oxygen Terminal version and Pacor Terminal versions
      1. SR anycut Hybrid appraiser 
        • Uniform appraiser system in Pacor and Oxygen
      2. Optimization with 20-1000 preforms
      3. Instruments for Rough optimization in Oxygen
        • SR for Rough allocation with multiple solutions
        • Pacor manual  instruments
      4. Photoreal movies and Optical performance metrics computation on Cutwise
      5. Secret development of Galahad in the next stages of diamond polishing automation
      6. Oxygen Fancy Color (unification of Diamcalc Color, PC and HPO SR Anycut)
    2. New  X-ray scanners 
    3. HPP-HPO upgrade
      1. Contouring of girdles for Princess, Baget, Emerald
      2. End-to-end usage of Custom report (colored preforms) at the scanning, optimization and report stages
      3. Rough reports
    4. HIG oil
    5. Mbox Multilight