New Workflow - Smart AnyCut

30 Dec 2020

The new Smart AnyCut is an enhanced workflow for getting Generic Fancies and Custom Cuts with the optimal mass and optical performance.

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  • Building the process on the base of your own custom cutting
  • Continuous improvement of your cutting for getting better solutions
  • Sticking to two at the same time (composite appraising):
    • 1 - your own wished cutting forms
    • 2 - formal market requirements
  • Smart Recut asymmetric allocation for larger mass

The feature brings to you:

  • Photoreal images under various lighting environments for allocated solutions, to help select the most promising solution.
  • Optical symmetry and Brightness index for allocated solutions.

You can also benefit from:

  • Sharing this data and performance indices with the sales team, and receive their confirmation for the plan.
  • Possibility for the sales team to take the opinion of the prospective buyer and help them choose a diamond cut of his/her choice from multiple solutions the rough offers (a-la-carte diamond cut)
  • Reduced dependency on expert polisher, so as to achieve consistent result every time, fulfilling client’s expectations.
  • Finding out different parameters fetching required grade / look, thereby exploiting the rough to maximize weight recovery.
  • Avoiding recutting the stone, reducing value loss, as well as labor loss for polisher due to obtaining detailed information about the result already at the planning stage.
  • Polisher achieving the result with minimum effort.


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