Immersion Glass

Immersion Glass is the technology developed by Lexus / Octonus which can be used to view inclusions inside the rough stone without physical windowing, to view those inclusions using Eye-glass or microscope and to perform planning and plotting using M-Box and Helium Rough.

Rough diamond trading companies and polished diamond manufacturing companies can use this technology.

Advantages of use Immersion Glass

  • There is no size limitation. You can work for stone size between 0.10 ct to 1000 ct.
  • The diamond need not be laser marked. This gives you the freedom of re-trading it if the solution is not profitable enough.
  • You can study the diamond’s interior with your own eyes under loupe or Microscope, making you feel more comfortable.
  • You can even make a rough estimation, without the use of any machine or scanner.
  • Visibility of inclusions under normal lighting without any external aid helps quality checkers to check quality of plot with 100% accuracy, with no surprises left behind.
  • An inclusion up to a VVS1 grade is easily visible.
  • It is a completely safe material at room temperature and can be handled by plotters without any health hazard.
  • Very cost effective solution to chart inclusions in a rough diamond.
  • The immersion glass material can be reused.


M-Box 2.0, Helium IG, Helium Rough Helium Rough, Oxygen HIG, Oxygen Immersion, Oxygen Microscope Server, Oxygen Inclusion, Pacor Client, Oxygen D-Z


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Immersion Glass