Unique Visualization Technologies

09 Jul 2022







OctoNus provides the set of unique visualization technologies*:

  • Cutwise - Carbon Viewer
  • Cutwise - lifelike motion videos for solutions that show:
    • Color - diamond color in the set of consumer and lab lighting conditions
    • Clarity - inclusions with reflections

* listed technologies are in testing now and may be not fully available to users at the moment


Carbon Viewer

The Carbon Viewer is a new Cutwise component. As you upload data to Cutwise, not only you can view the initial model and solutions in a standard Cutwise form (tabular data, parameters, images, videos, reports) but now additionally in Carbon Viewer 3D interactive space.

Carbon Viewer provides several modes, such as:

  • Show all
  • Show inclusions inside
  • Distance to inclusions
  • Distance to rough
  • Distance to diamonds
 Try by yourself, in the window below:
  • Rotate by holding left + dragging
  • Zoom in-out by mouse wheel
  • Switch between solutions via Next solution, Previous solution + open solution list

 Explore the default - Show all - mode representing:

  • The rough model with precise Surface features and Deep cavities modeled via Xray (unique OctoNus technology)
  • VS1-I Inclusions plotted in HIG
  • Inclusions up to VVS1 plotted in Mbox IG
  • Diamonds of the selected solution
 Switch modes, for example:

 Try Distance to diamonds mode representing:

  • The rough model with precise Surface features and Deep cavities modeled via Xray (unique OctoNus technology)
  • Distance from the rough model surface to diamonds of the selected solution 

 This is a Carbon Viewer representation (open in a new window) of the Cutwise Demo Project 1.


See additionally:


Color Lifelike Visualization for Projects with Color Estimation

Another unique feature of Cutwise online service is the ability to obtain lifelike visualization for the color of the future stones. The feature is the part of "HP Carbon - Cutwise" integration: solutions with the automatically estimated colors are uploaded from HP Carbon to Cutwise and there you have a lifelike display of color saturation and distribution for uploaded stones.

Note: although what is presented in the image is an artificial simulation of future stone, the producing technology aims to make the image lifelike and thus indistinguishable from real stone.

To test color visualization, go through the Cutwise display of the demo projects we presented in the previous section:


Lifelike Videos for Inclusions

In the sphere of lifelike visualization, besides color representation, the Cutwise platform is providing visualization of inclusions on a completely new level - now the technology includes defocus which makes what you see in motion lifelike considering inclusions themselves and their reflections.


You can test the inclusions visualization in the same demo projects: