Oxygen Viewer Free Version

The Oxygen Viewer is a free read-only software.

The Oxygen Viewer is software developed to view projects created by M-Box, Helium IG and Helium Rough scanners, and Oxygen software. It allows multiple users to explore diamond cutting solutions obtained from Oxygen Software and Pacor software. You can see the model of a rough diamond, its inclusions and the models of proposed polished diamonds. This allows an evaluation of the prices of different possible solutions and quality of various polished diamond solutions.

Main features
  • To view rough diamond models with their inclusions.
  • To see photos and a movie of real diamond scan concurrently with the Oxygen models.
  • To explore the Oxygen Solutions in the different modes of visualisation.
  • To evaluate prices of various solutions and qualities of potential polished diamonds.
Who needs the Oxygen Viewer?

The Oxygen Viewer is designed for diamond cutters and sale specialists dealing with rough diamonds, manufacturers and technologists. The software can be used for training and education.

This system is beneficial for factory production and process control.

How does it work?

The Oxygen Viewer reads data from the ".oxg" and ".mmd" files created with Oxygen, Pacor software by Pacor and Helium Rough scanners.

There are different views of the model on the right hand side application windows. The toolbar on the top allows choice of various modes of visualisation. Option panels on the left hand side lists and controls the object on the scenes: rough models, diamonds, inclusions etc.

There are examples with .oxg files available for download.