Video Box allows the manufacturer to prepare images and movies for the diamond and diamond jewelry.

The diamonds are unique due to their breath taking brilliance, fire and scintillating performance. The value of the diamond depends on 4Cs, namely Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. In this regard, the Lab grading reports and their numerical data are incomprehensible to most retailers and consumers. So a better way to raise efficiency of diamond sales via on-line business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) is via high quality images, especially video. Images tell only half the story, as most of the beauty attributes are dynamic and can be appreciated in stereo environment. So a dynamic display of the polish diamond can greatly improve on-line apprising.

Movies made by diamond cutting manufacturers can be used to sell diamonds business to business, provided a consistent standard is maintained. The very same movie can be used by a retailer to sell a diamond to his consumer.


ViBox device allows creating high quality video of diamonds and jewelry pieces with great ease and consistency. The movies thus generated tells the true and understandable story to the retail buyer / trader. At the same time, it will appropriately fascinate the end buyer. Very detailed high dynamic rangeimages and video shows many significant diamond features including color, impurities, imperfection, and performance attributes like contrast, scintillations, fire, and many others.

  • Creates consistent high quality images and movies highlighting all the features you will like to see.
  • Quick and programmable lighting environment to demonstrate imperfections and/or the beauty attributes.
  • Can create stereo movies, which can help buyers to understand the diamond completely while making an on-line decision.
  • Custom white balance and color temperature option to show the correct color hue and saturation to the on-line buyer.
  • HDR tone mapped images to match human observation.
  • Various trajectories of the diamond movement. The diamond can be rocked face up in a movement of 8, or can be made to turn 360° or can be swung sideways to adjustable tilt angle.
  • Exporting video into most of the modern formats or jpeg series.
  • Pre-defined and custom presets for camera settings and video formats.
  • Loose as well as the mounted diamonds can be pictured.
  • For large jewelry pieces, Multilfocus HDR images helps match human observation.
  • OctoNus Stereo Viewer free version specially built to play diamond and jewelry movies.
  • Movie merge facility to compare 2 or more diamonds at one time.
  • Possibility to add “Watermark”, to move ahead in branding.
  • Direct upload to Cutwise
Salient features
  • Comparison of Diamond
  • Understanding purity
  • Understanding color
  • E-marketing / E-trading
  • Reduce cost of shipping and avoid loss of opportunity
  • Making catalog
  • Preparing multi focus HDR images for jeweler files
Which Diamond/Jewelry pieces are suitable for movie making?
  • Every piece of polished loose or mounted diamond can be imaged and photographed in ViBox. Rings and ear studs can also be easily pictured. Special fixtures can be developed to picture large jewelry pieces like Bangles, Neck lash, etc.
  • Colorless to fancy color diamonds can be photographed to depict its correct color and saturation.
Which Camera and Lens will be used?

ViBox is developed to work with Canon DSLR camera & Macro lens. We will supply the detail specification of the camera and lens on demand.



40 kg

Dimension (L x W x H)

500 x 480 x 860 mm


220 VAC, 50 HZ, 1 Phase

Computer System

Intel Core i7

Operating Systems

Windows 7-32bit

ViBox media samples