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IV Gemological Symposium, San Diego, Ca, USA, 27-30 Aug, 2006

Poster prezentation Study of Interdependence: Fancy-color Diamond Appearance, Cut, and Lighting Conditions

Oral Prezentation Fancy-Color Diamonds: Better Color Appearance by Optimizing Cut

1st International Diamond Cut Conference, Moscow, Russia, 23 - 26 april, 2004

The materials of the conference:

IDCC-I: Diamond Cut Grading System based on 3D model. A Strategy for Development. S.B. Sivovolenko, Yu.B. Shelementyev, April 2004

IDCC-I: The Stages of Development and Implementation of a Diamond Cut Grading System. S.B. Sivovolenko, Yu.B. Shelementyev, April 2004

IDCC-I: Poster Session, April 2004

IDCC-I: Cover of the Proceedings

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Diamond Cut Study Project

How studying the cut parameters of a diamond can help a manufacturer to increase the efficiency of his work and allow a dealer and jeweler to increase the price and liquidity of the diamond?

From the article "Rainbow in a Colorless Gem" by A.V.VasilievWe suppose that to efficiently solve this problem we need to perform some mathematical calculations, discuss the obtained results with manufacturers, dealers and jewelers, and let them test the validity of the calculations in practice. We invite all the interested people and organizations to discuss and employ the results of our studies.

At the moment, we confine ourselves to studying the round brilliant cut of diamonds for the purpose of finding the best tradeoff in the simultaneous optimization of the light return, fire, and weight of a diamond. Here we propose to discuss our first results obtained on this way. These results can be divided into "Macroanalysis" and "Microanalysis" sections.

The Macroanalysis involves tracking all possible angles and proportions and determining the regions promising for cutting, from the point of view of either light return or fire. At this stage, we not only confirm the conventional sets of cut parameters but also find out some new, unusual configurations.

The Microanalysis involves the detailed studies of the narrow range of cut parameters: the crown angle - from 30° to 40°, the pavilion angle - from 38° to 43°, and the table size - from 52% to 60%. The cut parameters thus determined optimize the light return and fire of a diamond. By cutting the diamond using these parameters as a guideline, it is possible to improve the appearance of the diamond without breaking conventional proportions.

The some of Cut Study articles:

  The History of Diamond Cut Studies
There are several scientific articles regarding cut study posted here. All interested visitors can trace the evolution of cut study methods and approaches. Authors of articles posted below can have opinions different form ours. 
The "Diamond Design" by Tolkowsky 1919 (part)
"Faceting Limits" by Bruce Harding, 1975
" "Diamond Design" Revisited" by Bruce Harding
"A statistical assessment of brilliance and fire for the round brilliant cut diamond" by J.S.Dodson, 1978
"Selection of facet slopes" by A.V.Vasiliev, 1995
"Rainbow in a Colorless Gem" by A.V.Vasiliev, 1995
"Cutting Grades Two Years Off" by Russell Shor, GemKey
"Diamond Grading Reports: Flawless or Imperfect ?", Russell Shor (JCK senior editor) (this article appeared in the July 1995 issue of JCK)
The Results of Diamond Cut Studies Carried out in MSU, 1999
Developing of Diamond Cut Grading System by MSU Computer Tools
Determination of the cut quality of a diamond and visual evaluation of its beauty
On the problem of grading the quality of diamond cut: an analysis of some aspects of the problem, March 2002
The Optical Design of Gemstones, by Jose M. Sasian, Peter Yantzer and Tom Tivol, 2003
On grading the symmetry of round brilliant cut diamonds, S.B. Sivovolenko, Yu.B. Shelementyev and Garry Holloway, 2003
OctoNus brilliance beauty research: test with real diamonds, 2003
Study of Interdependence: Fancy-color Diamond Appearance, Cut, and Lighting Conditions, S.B. Sivovolenko, Yu.B. Shelementyev, 2006
Fancy-Color Diamonds: Better Color Appearance by Optimizing Cut, S.B. Sivovolenko, Yu.B. Shelementyev, 2006
Visible adsorption spectra and DiamCalc-files of colored gem materials, S.B. Sivovolenko, Yu.B. Shelementyev and R. Serov, 2007
Letter to the Editor of the Australian Gemmologist, The Cut Group, 2007
Evaluation of brilliance, fire, and scintillation in round brilliant gemstones, Jose Sasian, Jason Quick, Jacob Sheffield, James Caudill and Peter Yantzer, 2007
Letter to the Editor - Commoditization of Diamonds, The Cut Group, 2007
Letter to the Editor - Synthetic Appeal, The Cut Group, 2008
How diamond performance attributes: Brilliance, Scintillation and Fire depend on human vision features - The Australian Gemmologist, 2013

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Hearts and Arrows: Guidelines
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Hearts and Arrows: Relationship with the cut parameters
Hearts and Arrows: Lighting specification
Hearts and Arrows: Formation of the H&A pattern


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Diamond 3DBook is a computer tutorial that involves extensive information on working with diamonds: from the physical background determining the unique properties of these stones to the modern worldwide system of diamond trade.

3DBook is designed for training diamond specialists and raising the level of their skills. The capability of interactive diamond modeling and the availability of extensive reference data make Diamond 3D Book a useful tool in everyday work of gemologists, appraisers, Certification Centers, gemstone cutters, gemological labs and institutes, manufacturers and sellers of diamonds and jewelry made of these.


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